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28 Jan

The family just grew by one!  Not from a 23 and Me DNA test but from a wedding.  

My grandson, Michael, and his fiancé, Rochelle, were married last weekend in Phuket, Thailand.  Both sets of parents of the bride and groom and Rochelle’s sister were the only guests.  Pictures of the small wedding in a romantic setting were wonderful.   Rochelle has a combination of beauty and brains being business savvy and a talented ballroom dancer.  Michael looked over-the-moon happy in pictures he sent me and his beautiful bride is a welcome addition to our ever-growing family.

Plans for the Gala are experiencing the “oops” and “you’ve got to be kidding!” moments one might expect for a first event of this scope.  A meeting at the Hacienda early in the week unearthed a potential problem we hadn’t expected but, with some scrambling, we dealt with it.  

Another meeting last night sorted it out and the substitution for the university symphonic orchestra is brilliant, thanks to Azucena.  A singer with a voice that brings goose-pimples and her brother on the keyboard will entertain during dinner, then continue with dance music.   A floor that is lit underneath by different coloured lights will be the dancefloor.  It’s going to be quite a party! 

In a previous blog I mentioned that the drinks for the evening are my responsibility.  I was still feeling quite anxious about this area on Friday morning. So, I turned to social media for further help.  

Posting on a FaceBook page for our area entitled GoGoZLO brought immediate suggestions.  I have learned that Mexicans drink beer, and tequila shots – good tequila.  If they drink wine, it is red, not white.  This explains why white wine has been so difficult to find in Mexico until very recently and for years restaurants didn’t even carry it.   If you found any white in the stores you grabbed what you could and told friends of your find. 

The replies to my post cleared my anxiety.   We’re going with the KISS approach to the bar – Keep It Simple Stupid!   Wine, both red and white, beer and tequila shots, with soft drinks for the non-drinkers in the crowd are all we will serve. 

We have a small number of tickets left then the event is sold out!  Yippee! 

When it strikes me how close February 10th is getting, my stomach does do some flipflops - there's still so much to do.  Then my Head reminds my Stomach of how much has been accomplished in such a short time and that the crowd that is attending are people who are coming for one reason – to help support some poor children who are in need.   They will be forgiving if the evening is a little less than perfect for whatever reason. Regardless, I have full confidence it is going to be quite a party. 

Unfortunately, Monday was the last Aquafit class in the huge Eureka pool.   A few renters complained and Goyo shut it down.  So sad!  For some who have mobility problems this was their only chance to get some exercise and the 100 pesos we each paid was shared with two charities – one being the ancienos (Ancients) in a home for the elderly who are mostly forgotten.  Such a shame that a few can spoil things for so many. 

Absorbed as I was by the Gala this week, there was still time to enjoy social get-togethers with friends. Its great having them close by and that I can see them so often - some spur-of-the-moment and other things planned in advance.  I never say no to invites – my favourite response is “Why not?”.

Enjoy your week!

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