Before my beloved husband, Don, died in August, 2019, we had enjoyed twenty winters in Manzanillo, a town on Mexico's beautiful Pacific coast.

When Covid hit, I, like many others, was isolated and alone for almost two years during which time I realized how much I hated winter. It was now November, 2022, and I was dreading the coming months of freezing cold snowy, blowy weather.

However, Covid was obviously winding down. I decided to return to Mexico for three months to avoid the worst of that miserable season in Canada. I rented a lovely casa in Club Santiago, Manzanillo .

As soon as I arrived in Mexico at the beginning of January it felt like I had come home.

Two weeks later I was daydreaming beside my pool when it struck me that this would have to be my last winter in Mexico. I couldn't afford to rent a senior's apartment in Collingwood, Ontario, where I now lived, and rent a casa or condo in Manzanillo at the same time. My only income was the small government seniors' pension and my savings. I feared outliving my money. In my mind I envisioned spending the rest of the life I had left without the warmth of Mexico in winter. The thought was bleak and depressing.

Out of nowhere, I had an epiphany - Hallelujah!   I knew exactly what I was going to do!  I felt exhilarated and excited as I began to plan my next moves.