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15 Oct

For several days I was consumed with the horrors of the savage terrorism wreaked on Israel by Hamas.  Finally, for my own mental health, I had to tear myself away from the news on TV and my Computer and get out of the condo for awhile...just go for a walk.

 I got an appointment for the Seniors' Flu Vaccine at Loblaws and did a small shopping while there.  I'm keeping groceries to a minimum - just using up food in the fridge, freezer and cupboards.  I hadn't grocery shopped since before Thanksgiving and was taken aback at the prices - they seem to have increased even more since then.  Is that my imagination or not?   

The weather has been cold and wet, but Thursday the sun was brilliant and took the edge off the chilly weather as long as you wore a coat done up to the neck. I forgot that apartment buildings and condos don't turn on the heat based on the weather, they go by the date.  I checked with management this week because my condo is cold and the corridors are freezing.  The heat doesn't come on until November 1st!  Dee to the rescue. She brought me a portable heater that I run all day so now I'm comfortable.  Time is flying - eighteen more days till I'm in Mexico - my second home - and devine warmth for six months.  

Thursday evening Dee took me to Costco to have my hearing aids checked because I don't hear as well with the left ear as I do with my right.  I was hoping it had something to do with the hearing aid and not my ear.  Thankfully, the technician found a problem with the wire, changed it to a new, shorter one and Voila!  I can hear!    

We opted for dinner at Costco because it was getting quite late.   A $1.50 hotdog comes with a drink, plus we shared one order of french fries.  Dinner for two for less than $6 and we were stuffed. Too bad Costco isn't walking distance for me, I'd certainly go there for lunch or dinner more often - at least once a week.     

I've been sorting through my 'stuff' - what stays behind at Dee's and what I really have to take to Mexico - and I've started to pack my suitcase.   My painting supplies, keyboard and piano seat, documents, and drafts of my memoirs are already gone.  Next is a fashion show for one (me) in front of the mirror in my walk-in closet to weed out clothes that really aren't flattering or in style anymore.  It was so much easier before I became a nomad to simply pack everything, good, bad and inconsequential, and take them to my next abode saying to myself, "I'll weed my clothes out later - once I'm settled."  Later never seemed to come.

I'm thinking that I'm staying a couple of weeks too long in the condo.  I've begun to feel lonely quite often this past week.  I need to be where I can interact with people - even strangers.   There is an energy I get simply by being around other people and that's not happening.    Instead, I'm in chosen isolation because of the weather - I don't want to go out. 

There is a lesson in this - I need to make sure I move on even while I'm still happy where I am, and do something different in my life.  This may not make any sense to you - but it does to me.   

 I have begun to think of summer next year adding some interesting new twists.  I have a couple of ideas, but they are just in the budding stage.  I'll flush them out over the winter and keep you posted as they develop.  

The week has ended well though, with happy family news and new family pictures. Blakely (the newest Carmichael baby) is looking like a dark-haired, dark-eyed version of her sister, Taylor, but with a less spunky personality, more like big sister, Cooper.  What a combination!

The Crawfords (my Colorado family) have added to their family with another dog, Clifford, a red toy poodle.  Amanda said she wanted a tiny dog she can cuddle up with and carry around (she's beginning to sound more like her mother haha).

These delightful pictures, accompanied with little notes, lightened my dour mood and have energized me.   

Onward to my walk-in closet!

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