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18 Feb

I thought I’d need some rest after the incredible Gala experience.  Not!!  Instead, it has been a full week of fun, beginning with a Super Bowl party on Sunday evening and busy socially every day since!

Being a single female hasn’t hampered my social activities in the least!   I am overcoming my reticence when not invited,  to say “I’d love to join you, if you have room….” in whatever activity it may be and I am welcomed with open arms.  This has taken me a long time to step forward in this manner but it is paying off.    

Talking about the weather is something done daily in Canada, but it’s never done on Mexico’s Costalegre.  Costalegre is the coastline from Puerto Vallarta to Manzanillo.  Mile after mile of palm trees, mountains, winding roads, fabulous beaches, small villages, no blatant tourism.  Its where I live for six months every year.  Paradise!  

Talking about the weather here would be boring because the weather never changes during the winter months.  Every day is the same.  Clear blue skies, brilliant sunshine, little humidity – gorgeous!  Except this year! 

Since I arrived November 2, the heat and humidity were stifling all month and through much of December and we had a huge rainfall.  Many days since have been cloudy, grey, overcast – we even got rain this week!  In the 23 years I’ve been coming here, there was only one other year about 10 years ago when we had rain 3 days from November through April otherwise every day was beautiful.   

Yesterday was the typically lovely day in Paradise, and, hopefully, no more weather conversations will pop up! 

Profits from the Gala Dinner surpassed our hopes - $150,000.00 pesos! 

 The new President of the orphanage Foundation was so excited when told the results because he had no idea this event could raise so much.  On a voice mail to me in Spanish, his only comment that I could understand, and that truly mattered, was “Marion…super excelente!”.  

Several people have already asked to have their names put on a list to buy tickets next year because they don’t want to miss it!  I haven’t had a single complaint about anything.  To the contrary, all (and there have been many) have been almost gushing with their compliments about the entire event.   This makes all the hard work worth every minute!  I said I would not get involved next year because the blue print has been drawn this year.  Will I be able to resist? 

Interestingly, my desire to paint has returned.  I have two canvases on the go – the portrait of 2-year-old Royce, and a seascape that caught my eye on Facebook and for which I got the photographer’s approval to paint.  

Why two paintings?   Because the portrait needs to dry about 3 days between steps in the painting process, but the seascape can be painted wet-on-wet so I can work on it while the portrait dries. I’m somewhat concerned if my ability to paint has suffered from the many, many months of not picking up the brush.  The seascape doesn’t matter, it’s only for fun, but the portrait of Royce is important that it be up to the quality of my portraits pre-COVID. 

My hand is not as steady as it used to be. The big question is, will it come back with practice? 

Whatever the answer, the most important thing to me is that my desire to paint has finally returned.  

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