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04 Feb

Gala Dinner tickets are now sold out with 10 days to go before the big night.  Snowbirds are giving their enthusiastic support to raise money for these needy orphaned Mexican children.  More folks continue to ask to attend, but it’s too late.  This leaves me feeling ambivalent – I’m thrilled the tickets sold so well and so quickly, but I feel badly that some people have to be turned away. 

Full attention is now on the Silent Auction and the 50/50 raffle.  Silent Auction donations have been coming in better than hoped for, so there will be an interesting number of assorted items to display on the auction tables. Friends, old and new, have stepped up to help at the silent auction tables the night of the event and to sell 50/50 raffle tickets. 

Thankfully, my Ottawa friends, Mimsie and Judith, jumped right in to help me organize silent auction things, and, with the help of two other friends, we will determine minimum bids and write descriptions for each item.  All that is left to do then is transport them to the venue and set up the auction tables.

When I told Mimsie and Judith that the responsibility of Master of Ceremonies had also fallen to me because the TV announcer, whom we thought was going to do the job, was unable to, they suggested Katia, a young Mexican woman they knew, as a replacement for me.  

I told my co-organizers that I had reached my limit and passed on the suggestion of Katia as an alternative.  Surprisingly, they know Katia very well and how competent she is for the job.  They agreed to make her the MC.  She is fluently bi-lingual, vivacious, and energetic and will do a better job as MC than I would!  I can now breathe a sigh of relief and look forward to really enjoying the evening. 

I’ve always believed that learning is a lifelong experience – you’re never too old to learn something new.  I just learned that I am now at an age that I must establish limits or I will find that what I could have done easily when younger, now can be an anxiety-causing burden.    

On another front entirely - justice prevailed!  A backlash from a group of angry women over the cancellation last week of Aqua Fit in our pool resulted in the ban being rescinded.  AND classes are now three times a week rather than two.  The charities our instructor supports will once again benefit from the pesos we gladly pay for the instruction.  Never doubt the power of women, especially angry ones, when they are united in a cause! 

I think I’ve figured out why I've experienced a stomach problem three times since I arrived in Manzanillo.  My discomfort, accompanied with fatigue, is not bacteria or stress related, but the result of dehydration!  At the best of times, I don’t drink enough water.  In the high heat and humidity in Manzanillo, dehydration can happen quickly.   Lots of liquids and electrolytes have me feeling on top of the world once again. 

 Brother and sister  "Paradise Duo"

Friday, five of us went for a late lunch at an ocean-side seafood restaurant to listen to a brother and sister singing duo named "Paradise" whom I recommended to Maureen for entertainment at her birthday bash on March 17.  Maureen wanted to hear them before signing them.  After one song, Maureen was convinced they had to perform at her party!  The deal was done at their first intermission - hurrah!

"Paradise" have been contracted for next week’s Gala Dinner after the symphonic orchestra and choir was cancelled due to an apparent misunderstanding!  This duo will be a sensation!

"Paradise" has a wide repertoire of songs, Mexican, English and French, old and new.  They are wonderful to listen to and also make you want to get up and dance.  The siblings are excellent singers, especially the sister, Ahide (pronounced Ah-ee-day).  When she sang “La Vie En Rose”, we all got goosebumps and Maureen was brought to tears.   

Now that "Paradise" will be performing at the Gala, we have also rented a clear dance floor with many coloured lights glowing from underneath for the dancing enjoyment of the attendees.  This fund-raising event has the potential to be a fabulous party – fingers crossed!!

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