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11 Feb

Thankfully my calendar for the week was wide open because it filled up each day with unscheduled Gala meetings, getting last minute ticket sales concluded and tons of work on the silent auction, alone and with my team. I don’t know how I could have coped without the team of eager volunteers!  

Wednesday, I took a break to go to a hair stylist from Argentina with flair, humour and talent.  I showed him what I wanted and he did a terrific job.  I love the look but stayed out of the pool, regardless of the heat, because I didn’t want to get my hair wet before the gala lol.  “Pride is painful” I remember being told by a modelling teacher when I was 18 and I find it’s just as true at 89.  Ego!        

Items were still coming in as late as Saturday morning.  A crew of friends with three cars transported everything over to the Hacienda that morning to set up the silent auction tables. 

Our Silent Auction tables were unlike anything I had ever seen at any charity event before.  We had everything from medical items such as digestive tract endoscopies, dental implants and dermatology consultations, to three-hour cruises of the bay including snorkeling, to fresh tropical floral arrangements, and colourful hanging parrots!  What an unusual assortment of donations we received.  Even a very large beach scene by a famous local artist, Santoyo, that unfortunately was damaged when a gust of wind blew it over just hours before the event started, was sold “as is”. The donor of the piece is generously having the artist, Santoyo, do what he can to repair it for the new owner. The two paintings I donated sold to very happy winners, I am delighted to say. 

 I could hardly imagine how some of the auction items would be desirable to anyone attending the evening – how mistaken I was!  The dental implant, valued at $14,000 pesos ($1,100 Canadian), went to a woman who was overheard saying excitedly to her friend, “Now I can get it done!”  Wow! 

Gorgeous table centre flowers were given to one lucky person at each of the 24 tables.  A friend who was fortunate enough to win one, generously gave it to me, saying that I deserved it for all the work I put into the evening.  I truly appreciated that kind gesture and will enjoy the arrangement for as long as it lasts! 

So many of the attendees complimented us on what a wonderful evening it was!  The venue was outstanding, the food was delicious, the wine, beer and tequila flowed and the musicians were incredible!  

A talented violinist played while the silent auction took place, followed by “Paradise”, the outstanding singers whose music, during and after dinner, inspired crowds of couples to take to the under-lighted dancefloor.  

Many congratulated us for the “party” telling us it was the best charity event they had ever attended!! That was all the thanks we could possibly want. 

On Saturday morning I had seen a Face Book posting of a 103-year-old woman who, in her late ‘90’s, decided she wanted to run a marathon.  She began training – and she ran at 103!!  

So, inspired by her achievement I took to the dance floor with a gal friend when all my duties were finished and danced my heart out – something I’ve always loved to do. 

Before I knew it, the floor was crowded with single women joining us, bopping, twisting, twirling and singing to the music.  What a wonderful way to end the evening! 

I learned a huge life lesson by my involvement with this event.  

I think I was slipping into a way of thinking that, yes I was getting older, yes I needed to take more care to avoid falling and  yes I shouldn’t overdo it.   For the past number of weeks, I pushed myself beyond anything I had done for years.  

While selling tickets I had promised the purchasers they were going to have a super evening, it was going to be a party, so my integrity would be challenged if it was anything less.  Therefore, I had to do everything within my power to ensure I kept my promise.  This forced me to use a large amount of energy, physically and mentally, over the past month.   

This morning I surprisingly find I feel stronger, much more energetic and amazed at how much I can still do. I intend to do everything I can to maintain this renewed anergy.  Look out life, I’m back (LOL) !!! 

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