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17 Sep

On Tuesday I had an unexpected call from my granddaughter, Amanda, and her husband, Brent, from Colorado where they live now with their two boys.   They wanted to know what time I usually have dinner.  “Usually around 7:30”, I answered.  “Why?” 

They responded that, if Thursday worked for me, they would like to call me on FaceTime while they’re having dinner in Colorado and I was having my dinner in Ottawa – we could have dinner together via video.   It will feel like we’re at the same table.  What a great idea!  

I’ve heard of families who live far apart doing exactly that and even using the same recipe so they can see each other prepare the meal and then enjoy eating it together.   All on video – isn’t technology amazing!    

This would be a new experience for me and, of course, I agreed.  We added our dinner date on our respective calendars and said, “See you Thursday!”   I’m very excited to try this. 

Thursday was also the big day for the appointment with my new doctor.   Dee picked me up to drive me there.  Both of us thought the Health Clinic was somewhere beyond the Parliament Buildings to the west of me.  When Dee entered the address on Waze, we were shocked that it took us a 4 minute drive directly south of my condo, not west at all .  When the occasion warrants it, it will only be a 15-minute walk for me.  What a pleasant surprise that turned out to be. 

Another surprise awaited us when we arrived at the Clinic.  Not knowing what to expect when my application to become a patient was accepted by the Health Team, we found Dr. Forbes to be a young, very charming Irishman.   He gave me a checkup, a requisition for some blood tests and prescriptions for the six months’ meds I need for Mexico.   He booked a video follow-up appointment with me in two weeks and has arranged for my medical records to be transferred to him.  I’m still pinching myself – not only do I finally have a doctor after a two-year hunt; I also have a good feeling about him.  

When I got home, there was another phone call from Brent.  

“Surprise!” he yelled.  “I’m in Ottawa on business.  I’m only a couple of blocks from your condo and I’m taking you out for dinner!  I’ll be there by 6:30.  Please call Dee and Tony and invite them too.”   

Obviously, the FaceTime thing was a ruse to ensure I would be available for dinner Thursday when Brent came into town.  It was a wonderful evening of conversation and laughter over drinks and dinner.   We enjoyed each other’s company immensely. 

Brent now expects to be in Ottawa every couple of months, but I won’t be here – not during the winter anyway.   I invited him, Amanda and the boys to visit me in Mexico but he explained why they wouldn’t be able to accept this year.  It was great to see Brent but I miss the rest of the family so very much.  On Friday I checked out the travel options from Mexico to Denver and was excited to find the trip is a day shorter and more convenient than from Ottawa.  So I may have my own surprise for them next spring on my way back from Mexico.   Time and circumstance will determine how possible this could be.  Fingers crossed!  

It’s hard to believe all the good fortune that has befallen me since my decision to change my life.  I’m not a superstitious person, (that’s what I tell everyone anyway) but, for years, whenever the palm of my right hand gets itchy, I scratch it on wood and I always get unexpected money the following day.  Not a lot of dollars most of the time, but something.  Lately I've been looking, with some suspicion, at the dime I found and framed after Don's death, and at the four-leaf clover Dale found for me in Prince Edward County…do they have any influence on my luck?  Hmm…I wonder if I should I get my Tarot cards read? 

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