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18 Mar

Canadian visitors to Mexico are allowed to stay a maximum of 180 days without a visa.  Don and I had been doing this for years.  We merely reserved our accommodation,  booked flights and off we would go for another wonderfully warm winter in the sun.  'Easy peasy', as a colleague used to say.

I couldn’t afford to do that now if I also had to maintain a home in Canada at the same time.  A huge change in my lifestyle was necessary to make it possible. 

Could I truly give up everything I owned, including my car?  What about the security of having a permanent home base?  How strongly did I feel that I had to live in warmer climes in the winter?  What would I do if I had a serious change in my health?  

All these questions swirled in my brain as I faced the decision-making deadline to secure that beautiful looking (from the pictures) condo, in a perfect downtown Ottawa location, and at an affordable price.  I had to book it today or I would surely lose it.  Did I really have the nerve to do it or not?

Then another question popped up - if I didn't take the risk by turning my life upside down could I live with the "what ifs" that would eventually pester me ?   What did I have to lose (other than everything I owned)?  

This would likely be my last opportunity for adventure, excitement, the thrill of doing new things, meeting new people, learning from new experiences. 

“It is now or never!”  I said to myself.  “I have to do it!”  

I picked up my cell phone and called the management at my seniors' apartment in Collingwood and gave them the required 60 day notice of cancellation of my rental contract.  This was accepted, along with their best wishes.

Next, I went online with Airbnb, where I paid the downpayment on the condo, sight unseen, and set up a monthly instalment schedule for six months.  I now had a place to live from May 7 until October 31 (the day after my 89th birthday)..

Then I met with Goyo, the owner of Eureka Villas in Club Santiago.  His units are extremely popular, rented year after year by the same snow birds.  The grounds are beautiful, immaculately kept - it’s like living in an upscale resort.  Goyo told me he wasn't sure where he would put me, but that he would take care of me.   I have known Goyo for 22 years, he's become a good friend and I trust him to keep his word.

I emailed, phoned and texted friends and family everywhere to let them know what I had done, poured myself a congratulatory drink, and let out a long sigh of relief.   I was going to relaxed and enjoy those last three weeks of my time in Mexico.

I knew a lot of work was waiting for me when I returned to Collingwood to prepare for my new life. There was no turning back now and I faced the future with an enthusiastic, positive, attitude.

“Look out world, here comes Nomad Nana!“

(To be continued Wednesday, May 31st)

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