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03 Dec

My support group of friends jumped to my help when they learned I was ill over the weekend.  It’s very comforting to know I am not alone here.  All I need do is let them know what I need and it appears at my door as if by magic.   This also comforts my family knowing I am never truly alone in Mexico.  

The weather is unsettled – lots of cloud hiding the nourishing sunshine,  that I was hoping to catch for its natural Vitamin D - but that will have to wait.  Fortunately, the additional antibiotic did its work.  The wound has healed to a point that I can finally get back into the pool, but I will definitely avoid the ladder! 

My friend in Calgary let me in on a natural Mexican respiratory treatment I hadn’t heard of and this was recommended to her by a Mexican doctor.  Cut a bouquet of bougainvilla, place in a pan of water, boil until the flowers wilt and begin to brown, then, with a towel over your head and the pan, breath in the fumes.  Like some of our own “old wives’ tales” these ancient remedies work.  Too bad this flowering vine isn’t available to us in the north country in the winter when it’s really needed for medicinal purposes and not just its beauty. 

Our first orphanage fundraising meeting was held at the orphanage itself.   Casa Hogar Liborio Espinoza (Orphanage Liborio Espinoza) This orphanage is extremely poor and is not known by many Snowbirds.  They have all heard of Casa Hogar Angelitas and donated to it every years but this one is located in a very poor area of Manzanillo close to the Bus Station and has had no publicity.   The meeting was very productive with the most important issues agreed on and responsibilities were assigned.  All this was done in Spanish with both Azucena and Gustavo translating portions for me.  It is promising to be an exciting first annual Gala but will take a concerted effort on our part to ensure its success!   

The date is Saturday, February 10th prior to Valentines Day.  The Gala will be held at Hacienda Jualapan on the northern edge of Santiago - a very beautiful venue most people have not had the opportunity to experience and will, hopefully, be curious to see it.  Tables will be set under the magnificent trees.  We are increasing the number of tickets to be sold to 150 at $650 pesos each including a choice of two dinner options.  The cash bar, silent auction items and 50/50 draw will add to the total funds we will be donating to this very worthy cause.  The new manager of the orphanage seems to be a very capable woman who has connections.  She will arrange the music for the event, with musicians from the University in Colima.  The biggest challenge for me will be asking (begging?) for silent auction items.  I am contributing two of my paintings as starters.  

The drive back from the orphanage was an eye-opener for me – the traffic at 7 p.m. caused a half-hour drive to take over an hour of gridlock.  What happened to the small city of 30,000 people that I remember?  There are now ten times that number of residents and every one of them must have a vehicle on the road at 7 p.m.  Gone are the small Volkswagens and old, battered pickup trucks carrying multi-generational family members in the open back, grandma perched on a white plastic chair, cuddling the newest family member.  I would have believed you if you told me Tuesday night that I was actually in downtown Toronto in rush hour!    

After three unsuccessful attempts on the way home, to have Mexican food for dinner at small restaurants, all of which turned out to be closed on Tuesdays, we ended up at Senor Suchi – a good last-minute choice, as it turned out.  The sushi was fresh and delicious.  

I cancelled the next social dates I had on three successive days, recognizing my need to rest. Where did such an adult decision come from?  I’m usually more impulsive but the benefits of rest won the day.  By Friday I was taking walks, building up the number of daily steps.  Until my strength returns, I’ve decided not to go in the pool unless there are others there to help me get out again if I have any trouble.  Hopefully that won’t be necessary. 

On Saturday, friends joined me on my patio for a simple happy hour repast of white wine, cheese and crackers.  A delightful ending to my fourth week.  

Next week is the monthly Mujeres Amigas (Women Friends) luncheon held at Oasis.  I’m curious as to how many will attend, and how many attendees I know. There are always tables set up at the entrancer with items for sale – mostly hand-made by Mexican women – e.g. woven bags, Mexican dresses, unusual jewelry, potions and creams, and fresh flowers.  Monique and Joyce are coming with me and I’m looking forward to this first luncheon of the season.  . 

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