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04 Nov

Monday, October 30, was my 89th birthday.  A gift bag was waiting for me when I got up after coffee in bed.  A beautiful, warm tan and black scarf/throw from Dee that will make my all black travelling ensemble really pop and no jacket required. Tony popped over with flowers.  Dee and I had planned a birthday dinner, but around noon she told me to dress up - we had to leave about 1:00 but refused to tell me why.  I thought she'd arranged for my girlfriends to meet us for a late lunch, but Dee was not saying anything and she didn't change from her jeans and top.   What was going on?  As we headed west on the highway, she took a turn to head downtown.  The mystery was building.  She drove to the Chateau Laurier, still not divulging why.  As the concierge opened the main doors to the lobby, I was gobsmacked!  Waiting with open arms was Dianne!  My daughter had flown in from Toronto to take me to High Tea at the Chateau!  I had been feeling downcast that I wasn't going to see her before I left for Mexico.  She couldn't have given me anything better for my birthday.  She had planned to return to Toronto after tea, but decided to stay overnight at Dee's house. The three of us had birthday drinks, a charcuterie board dinner and lots of laughs. Then video calls came in from my grandkids before bed.   Wow - what a day! My birthday was a winner all round!

Wednesday morning, Dee drove me to the railway station for my train trip to Oshawa.  My friends were waiting for me in the parking lot, but unfortunately their car had died while they waited!  CAA to the rescue? Not!  After 1-1/2 hour wait for the tow truck, they called their granddaughter who arrived with booster cables.  The cables were not strong enough!  We had to get the car home somehow because we had a limo ordered for 5 a.m. the next morning for our trip to Pearson Airport in Toronto. A man in a van parked next to us, observed our plight and came to our rescue with heavy duty cables.  Much relieved, we set off to their home and an early night.

The rest of the trip was rather uneventful.  Having ordered a wheelchair turned out to be a godsend in the huge Mexico City Airport. The pusher spoke very good English and was a huge help to us.  We wanted to go to the AeroMexico lounge for our 3-1/2 hour layover.  Going through Customs and then trying to find the lounge would have been very difficult without him.  Another pusher came at the right time to take us to the gate for our flight connection.  I had forgotten you have to take a bus with your carry-on to a small regional plane sitting on the tarmack.  I had a lovely young Mexican university student in the seat beside me and we talked non-stop the entire 1-1/2 hours to Manzanillo.  

Arriving at Eureka in Club Santiago, Goyo was waiting for us.  I had no idea where he planned to put me until I arrived at his office but I was sure I would like it.  When he told me where I was going to be staying I was thrilled.  The unit is beautiful!  Ground floor, with a very large furnished patio overlooking the pool.  My friends are on the opposite side of the pool on the second floor.

Jose, my driver of many years, picked us up the next morning taking us to La Comer, the huge supermercado (supermarket) for our initial grocery shopping.  When my stored cartons of things are delivered, I can finish getting settled to relax and recharge my deleted batteries.

I had a 7 a.m. swim - the water was like a bath.  Coming out, my foot slipped on the metal ladder and took a large strip of skin off my leg.  Fortunately, I had some first aid stuff in my luggage, so I was able to bandage it.  I hope I won't have to have a doctor look at it, but, regardless, I won't be going back into the pool until it scabs over.  Going by earlier experiences, it will be at least several weeks for my old body to recover, but I am here, in the gorgeous surroundings of palm trees, plants, flowers, green lawns, endless sunshine, warmth and good friends all around me.  Life is good.

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