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24 Sep

Part of my weekend in North Bay two weeks ago had to remain uncommented on until now.   

So, as legendary broadcaster Paul Harvey used to say, “Let me tell you the rest of the story…” 

Shortly after Dee and I arrived on Thursday evening, Michelle and Ryan said they had a puzzle I had to put together.  I love puzzles of any kind but this one looked quite different.  It consisted of four very large hand-made puzzle pieces.  I thought it was something Maddie had made, with help of course, but when I got it together there was cursive writing all around the puzzle.  When I finished reading, I was sooo excited. The kids were pregnant!!!  But the puzzle wasn’t totally complete – there was a small hole in the middle.  Michelle handed me the missing piece.  It was a purply blue, so, without really looking at it, I exclaimed, “It’s a boy!!!”  

Laughingly, they told me to read what was written on it. ”Twin babies”.  

OMG – for some time they have been trying to have a little brother or sister for Maddie, and now they hit the jackpot!   An ultrasound next month will disclose whether they are boys, girls, or one of each.  What they already know is that they are not identical twins.   In my day you had no idea what you were getting until the baby was born.    I never cease to be awed by the wonder of technology today - and I embrace the miracle of it!!   

It was a great weekend in so many ways…one that I’ll never forget.  They had asked me not to write about the babies until they had time to tell everyone else who needed to be told.   

Borrowing again from Paul Harvey’s words that he always used to conclude his broadcast …“And now you know…the rest of the story.” 

Something I need for Mexico (and also for wherever I end up!)  is a reliable, portable, lightweight computer that can  keep files and documents - things you can’t do with an iPad. All my banking and investments are done digitally, as is my writing - my blog and my memoirs.    

I did my due diligence  - I asked my daughter, Dianne!!    She told me exactly what I needed, which saved a lot of time and confusion when I was confronted with so many different devices to choose from at the Apple store.  (It also made the salesperson think this old lady is very tech knowledgeable, as I described the Macbook Air I wanted with things like gigabytes, memory, M2 Chip, etc.  But she didn't seem the least impressed LOL. ) 

So I now own a MacBook Air.  I waited till Wednesday to purchase it, because that's the first day of my new Visa statement, therefore giving me about 5 more weeks before I have to pay for it.  I like to use Visa's money when I can.     

On Monday morning I have an appointment at Apple’s “Genius Bar”.  How impressive that sounded to my ears until, humbly, I discovered the ‘genius’ part does not refer to me. It references the specially trained Apple support person who will instruct me on how to transfer my data to the MacBook from my three other Apple devices.   My learning continues!   

As summer slipped into fall this week, I found my thoughts dwelling on preparation for my six months in Mexico.  In previous years, I didn’t start thinking about this so early except for trying to use up food in my freezer.   It’s strange, I have barely anything to call my own, but my thoughts are of the coming winter.  This is not what I would have expected but perhaps it's because I have nothing else to be concerned about other than my unencumbered trip south??  

Days are getting shorter and colder and the need for my summer wardrobe has  disappeared.  Culling and packing can now begin to ensure I leave enough room for other essentials in the single suitcase I’m taking.  Fortunately, the few fall clothes I have for October weather can be left behind with Dee before I leave.   

Yesterday was a red star day - I finished the painting of Ryan and Michelle that I’ve been procrastinating about for two years!!  What a relief to finally sign my name to it. Now my brushes and portable easel can be packed in that suitcase bound for Mexico.

Last week, when I sent out a notification about my latest blog being published, there was an interesting result.  

It began with a notification about an incorrect address for a young friend whom I initially met in Orillia where I was living at the time.  He was a young lawyer, running for a seat in the House of Commons to represent Simcoe North, which he won.  Our friendship continued to develop via email when I moved out of his riding to Collingwood, but we hadn't communicated for several months.

I located his correct email and sent him a note telling him I was living temporarily in Ottawa and, with Parliament opening for the fall sitting, he too would be in Ottawa.  I suggested that perhaps we could get together for a quick coffee before I moved on again.  

Almost immediately  I received an invitation to meet him in the Parliament Restaurant in the West Wing of the Parliament Buildings next Wednesday.  His assistant will show me around the building then take me to meet him for lunch.  After lunch, Adam will take me to the Visitors’ Gallery from where I can watch Question Period.  

Wednesday is the day the Prime Minister is supposed to be in the House to “answer” questions.  I am looking forward to observing the exchanges between the PM and Pierre Poilievre, the Leader of the Opposition.  It should be an exciting afternoon - one I’m looking forward to immensely!  I'll keep you posted...

* The email will not be published on the website.