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24 Jun

I was able to see my granddaughter twice this week on her visit here from England.  We realized that the last time we saw each other was over three years ago at her brother’s wedding.   She has put down roots in London, where there are so many more opportunities for dancers than Ottawa; her career is blossoming and she loves it there.  It is now her permanent home.  Her decision to change her life when she moved to London all alone, knowing no one there and not having a job, was courageous.   She had a strong belief in herself, worked hard and it has worked out wonderfully for her.  This is her second year dancing in the musical “Cabaret’, she has danced at the palace in Vienna, and she recently made a commercial for Nike. 

I booked my flight to Manzanillo for November 2 and, thanks to my friend for the heads up, I got a good price and a good seat.  Once that was confirmed, I booked my flight to Toronto November 1 and will reserve an overnight hotel near the airport.  It actually feels a little strange that the next leg of my Nomadic life is already in place.  Although it is four months from now, I feel like I have so much to do in Ottawa before I leave and I need to get at it.  However, my leg has been an obstacle in my plans. 

My search for a family doctor continued to be unsuccessful.  The leg pain was now being felt in my butt, too.  I began  to question myself about taking that huge leap into nomad land.    My concern was growing that perhaps I had arthritis in my hip joint.  Something had to be done.

So, Dee accompanied me to the Emergency Room of Ottawa Civic Hospital last Wednesday.   Wonder of wonders, the ER wasn’t busy.  After a short wait I was triaged by a personable male nurse.  After taking my particulars he smilingly warned me not to go too far as I would likely be seen by a doctor very soon.   

Minutes later his premonition was fulfilled.  Into Critical Care I went.  In discussion with the intake nurse, I mentioned how difficult it was to find a family doctor and that it was becoming serious that I find one soon.  She told me that Byward Family Health Team was accepting patients!  What a piece of good luck.   I could have jumped up and hugged her!   Dee immediately made a call on my behalf to the Health Team and left a message for them to call me. 

The next good news came from the ER doctor.  After examining my leg and knees, he diagnosed the pain as bursitis – it was not arthritic!  It could be treated with a steroid injection and Tylenol.   Fantastic news – a need for a new hip was not necessary.   The doctor gave me an injection then decided he wanted me to have an x-ray to confirm that nothing else was going on.  The x-ray was clear! 

By afternoon, my leg was somewhat uncomfortable around the injection sites but I was walking normally with no limp.   How incredibly lucky I felt to have visited Civic Hospital that morning.  I was stress-free and felt, once again, that somehow the stars were aligned to support me on my new adventure. 

That evening, Dee and I walked down the street from my condo to the Ottawa Little Theatre to watch a stage play.  It was a wonderful way to end what turned out to be a perfect day.  

The following morning I got a call from the Byward Family Health Team. I had visited their website when we returned from the theatre the previous evening and was rather shocked to read the number of negative comments from patients.  

I explained to the caller that I felt hesitant about having my medical records moved to Ottawa from Orillia then to find I wasn’t happy with the new doctor(s). He pointed out that happy patients don’t usually go on line to leave a comment.   He went on to say that three new doctors were joining the team this summer and that was why they could accept new patients - it had been five years since they last had an opening.  Registration was being done online so, on hanging up, I immediately went online to register.  

Fingers are crossed that I get accepted.  I feel like I have a ticket on a lottery – will I be a winner??

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