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10 Sep

What a week!  

It started Saturday afternoon after stocking up at the LCBO, which is only one block away from my condo.  After a few steps toward home, the trolley, holding the 8 bottles of wine, felt exceptionally hard to pull, and my legs very tired.  I had to really push myself to make it to my unit.  

By the time I unlocked my door, I had began shaking, my hands at first then my whole body.  Although the outside temperature was 28C, I felt frozen.  Then waves of nausea hit. I took an Advil and crawled into bed under the duvet with a large heating blanket over that.  Five hours later, I discovered I could not use my legs when I tried to get out of bed to answer nature’s call. 

My first thought was, “Is this the way I am going to leave this world?  It’s not the way I want to go – I want to go in my sleep!!”  I never had these thoughts when I felt ill before, but maybe they come with the age I now am?  

I didn’t want to phone 911 without Dee knowing what was happening, so I phoned her.  She and Tony rushed to my side.  My temperature was now 39.5C.  After assessing my condition, Dee called 911.  An ambulance was dispatched.  We waited 1-1/2 hours but the ambulance still had not arrived. By then, my stomach had started to settle, my body warmed up somewhat and my temperature had fallen to 39C.  My legs were weak but working again.  I did not want to go to a hospital.  Dee cancelled the ambulance at my insistence, but only if I went home with her and Tony. 

By morning I felt weak but much better.  Wow, no temperature…I was able to eat…walk without assistance…like nothing had happened!  I spent a gorgeous Sunday beside Dee’s pool, enjoying their caring company and by afternoon I was doing pool exercises. 

I have no explanation for what happened to me.  Low blood sugar (I hadn't eaten much), dehydration (i forget to drink much water) but neither of these explain the high temperature.  I'll never know.  But this whole experience reaffirmed that being a nomad at my age means I can’t just go off to some exciting location somewhere in the world without having some support I can call when I’m having a bad incident.  I’m not twenty-five anymore – (damn!)  

Out of the blue, my son-in-law, Colin, called from Honey Harbour.  He and a friend were going to Mont Tremblant to golf, via Ottawa, and wanted to have dim sum with us on their way through on holiday Monday. I hadn’t seen Colin since leaving Collingwood May 3 – his warm bear hug felt so good when we met for lunch.  What a difference 24 hours makes!  

As if this wasn’t enough excitement for the week, on Monday I got an appointment for next Thursday with my new doctor.  I still can’t believe I actually have a doctor now!  When asked by his receptionist what I wanted the appointment for, I replied, “An annual checkup and prescriptions to cover my six months in Mexico”.  Done.  Yahoo!!  

Next, my friends, Mimsie and Judith, called with an invitation to meet them Wednesday evening at the Bytown Theatre.  It was a movie I wouldn’t have chosen personally, but my philosophy is never say no to an invitation to a new experience.  It was music from the 60’s to 80’s, interspersed with conversation with the members of The Band.  Joni Mitchell, Neil Diamond and many others from that era performed with The Band. With my friends ensconced, one on each side of me, watching the documentary, sipping white wine, toes tapping, body moving to the rhythm, the evening was fascinating. I loved it.  

But the week didn’t stop there!  The next day, Thursday, Dee picked me up and off we went to North Bay where we spent the weekend with Ryan, Michelle and Maddie - Maddie is a 2-1/2-year-old bundle of explosive energy. It was a wonderful weekend but too short. (More to come about that next week.) 

My beautiful great-granddaughter,  Maddie.....

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