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06 Aug

Today is what would have been our 49th wedding anniversary.  Don so very much wanted us to remarry on our 50th anniversary, but he didn’t make it. 

This past week had been very quiet, so I wasn’t sure what I was going to write for today’s blog until I sat down at my computer this morning, but now I know.  

There’s only one thing to write about today - Don! 

He had a sharp wit, a tongue to match and he had street smarts.  He blew people away with his quiet one-liners, many of which were right off the wall.  You never knew what to expect to come out of his mouth! 

He was kind, funny, enjoyed his life and loved his family.  He was my best friend, my buddy, my lover, my constant companion, and, many times, my consternation.  He was also romantic and would cry at a sad movie. 

Our last winter together in Mexico in 2019, we sat on our beach-side balcony every evening drinking wine, listening to beautiful music and watching the sun set over the Pacific.  One night, during our last month there, he asked me, “Did I ever tell you…” and didn’t continue until I asked him “Tell me what?”. He then replied, “That the stars wouldn’t shine without having your radiance reflecting on them.” 

Every night after that he would ask me the same question, waiting until I responded, “Tell me what?”  Every night he had a different, wonderfully beautiful reply – always about me.   Every night it was something new.  I regret now that I didn’t write them down. 

For some years, Don had wanted a blue blazer, although he had nowhere he would wear it, until our grandson announced his wedding date was to be that coming October. Upon our return from Mexico at the end of April, he insisted on buying that blue blazer immediately, even though the wedding was six months away.  Off we went to Dapper Dan’s where he was measured for his blazer.  We picked it up in June. 

Don didn’t even take the blazer out of the zippered bag to try it on to ensure it fit properly.  He carefully put it into his closet to await the big day. For Don, that big day was never to come, but, to honour his memory, the Jacket graced a special chair reserved for “Poppa” at Ryan and Michelle’s wedding. 

Ten days after our 45th wedding anniversary and 52 years of living together, Don left this world.  And, after all those years, he still thought I was beautiful and I thought he had grown more handsome. 

There won’t be a day I won’t miss him.  I will remember all the things he did and said that made him uniquely Don – also known fondly as “The Don”, Dudley, Poppa and Superpoppa. 

Today I’m not sad!  Instead, I am filled with the wonder of the incredible love he bestowed on me.  I’ve put any gloomy thoughts out of my mind.  I’ll reflect only on the crazy, fun times we had together and with the family and friends.  I’ll smile at the reminiscences of our happy times together and laugh at the crazy, funny moments of our wedding day in 1974. 

I will always love you, Don.  Happy Anniversary - wherever you are!

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