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26 Nov

The end of the Revolution Day holiday on Monday saw all the visiting Mexicans at Eureka return to their homes inland, leaving this area very quiet, with little activity except for the few of us already living here. 

I was excited to get into the pool Monday afternoon as my wound looked well scabbed over.  It felt so good! However, as I was drying off after another swim on Tuesday, I saw that the wound had opened and one part looked infected again.  Back to applying the antibiotic cream. My oral antibiotics were finished Thursday night, and I have a follow-up with Gustavo  on Saturday – I’m hoping I’ve caught it in time! 

The temperature began lowering slightly this week, and so did the humidity.  It appears that winter in Mexico is beginning.  That means temperatures will soon be in the mid to high 20’s Celsius and overnights could even be as low as 18C – perfect!  

The first Meet and Greet of the season was held Wednesday at the new Boca Del Real restaurant which is destined to be a ‘go to’ for Snowbirds this season for its ambiance, extensive menu of great food and reasonable prices.  While enjoying lunch, the skies opened and the rain poured down relentlessly for several hours.  

The following morning the temp had fallen to 26C and the humidity was gone.  This, along with the usual breeze from the ocean, makes beach walking during the midday a treat.   The tide is out at that time and the beach is then wider for people walking in both directions.  I’m looking forward to that.  

Beach walking in my bathing suit is how I get my tan.  I don’t lay in the sun – it’s too boring.  I need to be doing something. 


Rain seen through the windows of the separate air conditioned room at Boca Del Real where the Meet and Greet was held.

One of the advantages of living in Mexico, especially if you are single, is the weather is always good from November to June enabling you to be outside all the time, seeing and interacting with other humans.  

Since becoming a widow four years ago and living alone for the first time in my life, then being locked down in my house for so long during COVID, I learned how essential it is to have human contact.  

This was confirmed at the Airbnb in downtown Ottawa when the weather prevented me from leaving the condo.  It was at these times that I felt isolated and lonely, otherwise I really enjoyed the condo.  

I wondered how I could avoid this loneliness next summer.   I also started thinking of how the dollars I spent on the condo rental simply took wings.  This thought, combined with my need to have more human contact next summer (I get all I need in Mexico during the winter), spurred an idea.  

Dee has a two-story home with a one bedroom finished basement but has no bathroom down there.  She’s wanted to install one for the five years she’s lived there, but other things took precedence – such as installing a beautiful salt water, heated pool with a huge deck beside it.  

She works from home and, although she has been in a relationship with Tony for over two years, they live separately, seeing each other primarily on weekends – otherwise, she lives alone.  

I explained my idea to her. 

Instead of renting another Airbnb next summer, I could take that money and install a bathroom with shower downstairs.  Also, a cabinet with a small sink in the living area to accommodate a coffee maker and perhaps a toaster, and a small counter-top high fridge.  With shelves above this cabinet, it could also make a great bar for her in the future.     

I could live there this summer before returning to Mexico.  The renovation would add value to her house in the event of resale and also provide a guest suite when her kids come to visit.  This living arrangement also provides both of us with companionship when we need it while having our own spaces and we will set boundaries to ensure our independence.  It would be a win-win. 

She thought it was a great idea and contacted a contractor she knew.  His quote came in on budget!  It’s a go!  He will start the project in January, so it will be ready for my move-in the beginning of May.  The way this came together is a reminder of how important it is to think out of the box!

An update on my leg wound – it became reinfected, so Gustavo put me on another four days of antibiotics when I asked to see him on Friday - I didn't want to wait until Saturday.  Gustavo has limited English so hasn’t the vocabulary for diplomacy.  I loved his honesty when he told me “Old people take longer to heal”. 

Unfortunately, I came down with a cough, cold and fever after seeing him that afternoon, so I went to bed where I am still resting – the fever is gone and I’m feeling better. I had felt the beginning of a sore throat Friday night so began to treat it with an old Mexican treatment - gargle with Tequila, then let it trickle down your throat.  By morning, the sore throat was gone!  

Because of the cold, I reluctantly had to cancel three social events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday evenings, but there are lots more coming up. 

Marylou, the manager of all the cleaning ladies at Eureka, started English lessons for them on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, for an hour after they finish work. I attend when I can to help me practice Spanish and they laugh and applaud when I get it right.  These ladies are keen to learn.  They want to improve their lives and know that English will help them get ahead. 

I told Marylou about my blog which she read this week. Afterward she came to me and said that the cleaning ladies need to hear what other women have been able to do with their lives and need role models. She asked if I would be willing to tell them about my life – in English. She would help translate what they don’t understand.  I couldn’t say no, so I have to simplify my story in length and words in  preparation for telling my story.  

Between this and the organization of the fundraising event for the small orphanage, I will be kept out of trouble (?) for the next few months.  I do love a challenge!

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