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05 May

Dee was anxious for me to feel my new space was like home right from the beginning.  She accomplished her goal!  

Some of the paintings I gave to her adorn my walls. The original painting of Michael is in my office area. One of the first large paintings I did as a gift to Dee hangs in my living room (complete with inexperience mistakes that I now feel compelled to correct).   Other things I had given her appear in surprising places when I look around - photos of my mom and dad when they were 21 on the wall at the foot of the stairs.  Framed copies of two of the print ads for Max Factor when I was Director of Marketing in 1986 are in my new bathroom.  A photo of Don and I that I had completely forgotten about was hung beside my bed.  Michael's beloved Fender guitar is hung beside my keyboard. in the music corner of the living room.  What wonderful surprises to greet me and help make this apartment really feel like home. 

  • Print ads from 1986 when I was Marketing Director for Max Factor Canada

We are quickly settling into a routine that works for both of us.   Each morning starts with Dee bringing me coffee in bed along with a cheery “Good morning, Mum”.  I spend another hour or two reading news articles before rousing myself to get breakfast.  The balance of the day we continue to  do our own things – Dee working in her office and me enjoying whatever I feel like doing that day but having lunch and dinner together.  Our first grocery shopping together strangely felt like we were roommates rather than mother and daughter as we discussed our menu choices and the different brands to fill our needs,

We are already entertaining.  Dee’s ex sister-in-law, who is visiting Ottawa, came for lunch on Friday.  I’ve known her for thirty-five years and always liked her so it was fun to catch up with her.  On Monday, we’ll meet the afternoon train from Toronto – Jason is coming in on business and will have dinner with us and stay overnight. 

Spring has arrived and so have the dandelions.   I began helping with the gardening, using a fun tool I found in the garage to dig up those pesky weeds. When I had my own house, I had been hiring someone the last couple of years to do the gardening because I found it too hard for my old muscles and yet, here I am five years later, enjoying getting my hands dirty mucking around in Dee’s garden and feeling its good for those muscles that are now five years older.  Go figger!

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