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17 Mar

For a number of months, when I sat or stood for any period of time, my ankles swelled, particularly the left one but I didn’t pay much attention. 

Last week, after sitting for several hours painting, I discovered I couldn’t put any weight on my left foot when I stood up and my ankle was badly swollen.

It was improving over three days with my foot elevated, icing it and taking Tylenol but I felt tired and canceled all my social comittments.    

At the urging of concerned friends, I called Dr. Hugo at noon on Wednesday. He is a GP who makes house calls.  He's young, and speaks perfect English.  Arriving at my villa 3 hours later, he took my medical information then wrote a script for blood work and an EKG.  His bill?  800 pesos - $64 Canadian.  

Next morning, I walked into Hospital Echauri without an appointment.  I showed the script to the receptionist and was sent directly to the lab. Fifteen minutes later I was in the EKG room where the test was performed, also with no waiting.    Within 40 minutes, my tests completed, I was in the taxi returning home.   

By the time I reached my villa, Dr Hugo had already seen the EKG results and had conferred with a geriatric cardiologist, Dr. Toscano, and texted me requesting a copy of the echocardiogram I'd had done in Canada two years ago. 

My Canadian GP emailed it to me and I had copies made in Eureka office.  Dr. Hugo picked  up a copy at my villa the following morning - no charge.  

All this happened within 36 hours of my initial call to Dr. Hugo. How long would this take in Canada these days? Heaven knows! And certainly there would be no house calls.

So far, so good.  No further tests at this point.  My energy level has returned and with it my active social life.  I’m once again a happy camper who knows my health is in good hands.

 You have to love the Mexican private healthcare system!

Tuesday Happy Hours at Oasis continues to be a huge favourite activity for so many Snowbirds. Beginning at 3 p.m., David Weber sings Elvis Presley songs and many more popular in that era and later.  His music gets toes tapping and memories flowing ( 2 for 1 beer and margaritas for three hours, help that youthful feeling, lol).  

Looking around, it’s hard to find anyone 65 years of age or younger sitting on the deck, around the bar, under the many huge white umbrellas on the beach, or jiving on the dance floor.  One friend’s 46-year-old daughter, who visited for the first time, exclaimed, “I’ve never seen so many old people having so much fun.”

Dance floor at Oasis on Tuesday afternoons!

It’s hard to remember when I last held a dinner party.  I was feeling somewhat anxious by Thursday afternoon as I finished preparations for my friends to arrive at 6.  

The patio table looked colourful and festive, eggplant lasagne was ready for the oven, wine and beer were chilling and the comfortable seating area was adorned with fresh flowers. 

Friends arrived with yummy hors d’oevres, more wine and a flan dessert.  Drinks were poured and in no time everyone was laughing, conversing and having fun.  

No one enjoyed the evening as much as I and the last guest left at midnight, a sure sign the party was a hit! 

The next morning, Karen Trom, the Aquafit instructor, spotted me having coffee on my pati as she passed by my villa on the way to the pool. 

She dropped in to chat for a moment, giving me the opportunity to explain I hadn’t been going to her class lately as I was acting on the side of caution for my cardio incident.  She supported my decision, stating that, although she is trained for medical emergencies, there is no defibrillator in the area if needed. 

All Aquafit attendees donate 100 pesos for each session.  Karen uses this money to support various charities, such as buying diapers, etc., for the old folks’ home.   

Villas Eureka residents are mainly seniors, many in their upper years, as are the majority of the Aquafit participants.

As we talked, the light went on...Bingo!  A defibrillator!  Part of next year’s Aquafit money could purchase one to be kept handy in Eureka Villas in case of need.  

Karen plans to purchase a defibrillator when she returns home to the U.S. and bring it back in her luggage in November.  She laughed as she said the defibrillator will be named Marion. 

What a legacy!

Erin go bragh!  Happy St. Patrick's Day!   I'm looking forward to Maureen's birthday party tonight - watch for my report on it next time!

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