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07 Jan

A man with a beautiful casa on our beach holds a New Year's Eve party every year on the rooftop of his casa accessed by stairs or a small glass elevator.  I was, surprisingly, invited by a friend to attend.  Unfortunately, the owner became ill and had to retire to his room just as his guests began arriving, but the party went on!  The ambiance, the guests (a number of whom I discovered knew), the food and the great view of the fireworks over the bay made it a spectacular evening.  I will remember this night (especially when four of us, stuck in the elevator, couldn't figure out for a scary few minutes how to make it descend) 

As the week drew to a close, we bid goodbye to the vacationing Mexican families as they return to their homes inland and the Snowbirds began arriving to enjoy the next three months in sunshine and warmth.  The week was filled with dinners and get togethers in celebration of the arrival of old friends.

Midweek, a meeting for the orphanage Gala was held at the Hacienda to work out logistics.  The cap on attendees has been raised to 200 from 150, a necessary economic move.  This first Gala is difficult because it hasn't been done before. Subsequent galas will be easier because this first one will serve as a blueprint and any omissions or problems that crop up will be learning for the future events.  

The biggest challenge at this moment is acquiring enough silent auction items to sell to raise more funds for the orphans and to add more excitement to the evening.

A plea for help that I posted on Facebook page, "GoGoZlo", asking where I could purchase 50/50 tickets in Manzanillo, resulted in being contacted by a Canadian woman, whom I'd never met, saying she would bring three rolls when she arrives in Manzanillo this week. She sent a picture of herself and her husband so I knew who to look for on the beach where we were to meet.  The Gala now has tickets that she gifted and I have a new acquaintance.  The power of social media at work!

 As more friends arrive, I find my decision to rent in Eureka to avoid being lonely is working in spades. The problem is going to be finding time to recharge my batteries!  What a fabulous problem to have at any age but at my advanced age it is awesome!

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